Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dirty Floors And Filthy Jokes

Dirty Floors And Filthy Jokes

I haven't interacted with Closet Metro in Minneapolis. However, reviewing his postings I find him to be quite humourous. Now, I not one ot share a filthy joke myself. I admit to having difficulty remembering punch lines. So sharing humour is not my forte, unless I author it.

Never been to Minneapolis either. Have been to Winnipeg, which isn't that far away from the Twin Cities. Not out to dis anybodies hometown. Don't like it when people trash Saskatchewan.

utterly butterleaf!

utterly butterleaf!
utterly butterleaf!,
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I was surfin' through Flckr when I came across this very beautiful photo by trudi (http// I just wanted to share it with you.

For Breakfast

The breakfast that I wrote about in my last posting was sucessful. I purchased all the food beforehand. I had four types of breakfast sausage to offer my friends. I cooked those last night and then warmed them up in the morning at the church. The pancake batter I also prepared ahead of time. I was a bit surprises when I stirred in the blueberries. the bater turned blue -- completely! I began wondering if the pancakes would be that colour too. Would anybody eat them(they did)? I had never made whipped cream until last night. Good thing Ii resorted to using an electric blender instead of a wooden spoon. If I hadn't I might still be stirrin'. The secret is make sure all your bowls and utensils are chilled. I don't reccommend putting your blender in the freezer. I don't the warranty covers that kind of treatment. By the way, if you angle the blender (one of those hand-held kinds) just the right direction you can cover a lot of floor and wall surface with whipping cream. You might want to have help when you are making whipped cream. A body can deflect or absorb a lot of hurl from getting on those surfaces. Just make sure it someone who reciprocates your love for them.

Had much of the items packed last night, except what had to remain refrigerated. All said, I got there at 7 AM. Forty minutes later most of us were eating (the cook always eats last, right).

We call ourselves Men of Covenant. During the two hours that we meet there is just as much joking around with each other as there is studying God's Word. For that reason its worth getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Day Off

I get every second Friday as a regular day off. Can't beat that. Well, you could but right now I am too tired to think of something esle. I enjoy my work, but I enloy my time off too.

The vacuum has been sitting in the living room for a week now. Today I am going to use it clean my apartment.
The bathroom needs to be cleaned as well. One thing about cleaning. You sure appreciate the results. Its just one of those tasks that seem to take forever to start and finish.

Its nice day today. At least the sun is shining on Calgary. I going to wash the car this afternoon. Hopefully I will find some time to walk out there too. Between working in a office and going somewhere, I really don't get out-out much. I do walk to work. So maybe the last statement isn't accurate. What I am saying is that I miss being outside. Well, I only can change that, right. Iused to work on a farm. Outside all the time. Never thought that could be something to become weary about. Well, working out in a cold rain or a cold winter day does change you.

There are some things I don't like about the appearance of this blog that I want to change. Presently, I don't know how to do so. I spent a great deal of time last night viewing other blogs on blogspot. I was really impressed with them.

Tomorrow I host a mens prayer breakfast at my church, Our breakfasts are scheduled every second Saturday morning at 7:30. We get together to enjoy fellowship and study the Bible. They are fun times. Tomorrow is my turn to cook. The menu will consist of blueberry pancakes made from scratch, served with Saskatoon berry whipped cream, or optionally, maple syrup. I will have a mixed pork-beef sausage, yoghurt, fruit, juice and coffee. So I got to get all that together today. I better get busy.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just a Prairie Boy: Initation

I once knew a kid who unlike others never missed jumping into a puddle with both feet.
Now the idea is that you want to get the other guy wet. So with more art than science you use your one best foot to come down hard in the pool and splash him good. You just know what his mother is gonna do to him when he gets home with muddy spray all up one side of his school pants.

But not this kid. He was legendary for jumping in and soaking himself, to everyone else's delight. Well, there is an analogy here. For tonight I am jumping into my own puddle -- my blog. Never did anything like this before. Wonder how wet it can get?

To reference Michael Feldman at Dowbrigade News , what makes a blog unique, even revolutionary, is that
"the suspense that a good writer can generate in traditional literature is by its nature ultimately ersatz, for while the reader may be in the dark, the ending is preordained, and the writer knows all the time what is going to happen next. This is not true in a blog."

You reader, can see where I started, and you don't know where I am going. Well, neither do I. Like the city feller asked of the farmer, "Am I going in the right way?" To which the farmer replied, " Depends on which direction your headin'."

Just a Praire Boy is my journal; my opportunity to write from a perspective I am comfortable with, non-fiction, and in a vein as I state in my descriptor: "Out here in the wide setting of the Canadian Prairies with the wind, meadowlarks and Northern Lights, the perspective of the world in like no other. Echoes of W.O. Mitchell; Christian faith; nostalgia; politcs (the second provincial sport of Saskatchewan); current affairs, these and more are what you will read on Just a Prairie Boy. Callin' all stubblejumpers, lighten your jag here."