Saturday, February 19, 2005

For Breakfast

The breakfast that I wrote about in my last posting was sucessful. I purchased all the food beforehand. I had four types of breakfast sausage to offer my friends. I cooked those last night and then warmed them up in the morning at the church. The pancake batter I also prepared ahead of time. I was a bit surprises when I stirred in the blueberries. the bater turned blue -- completely! I began wondering if the pancakes would be that colour too. Would anybody eat them(they did)? I had never made whipped cream until last night. Good thing Ii resorted to using an electric blender instead of a wooden spoon. If I hadn't I might still be stirrin'. The secret is make sure all your bowls and utensils are chilled. I don't reccommend putting your blender in the freezer. I don't the warranty covers that kind of treatment. By the way, if you angle the blender (one of those hand-held kinds) just the right direction you can cover a lot of floor and wall surface with whipping cream. You might want to have help when you are making whipped cream. A body can deflect or absorb a lot of hurl from getting on those surfaces. Just make sure it someone who reciprocates your love for them.

Had much of the items packed last night, except what had to remain refrigerated. All said, I got there at 7 AM. Forty minutes later most of us were eating (the cook always eats last, right).

We call ourselves Men of Covenant. During the two hours that we meet there is just as much joking around with each other as there is studying God's Word. For that reason its worth getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning.


Carol Flett said...

Tell me, Prairie Boy, are you really saying that being able to joke around is more of an incentive to get up in the morning, than to read a very personal letter from the Grand Chief, or King of Kings? Actually, I do understand what you are saying, it just didn't sound quite right when I first read it. Feel free to visit me at my sight and give me a hard time about what I write. I am at Carol Flett Creations, and I have a keen interest in the First Nations People of Manitoba.

Just a Prairie Boy said...

No, the Word revealed is why we are truly there. Those discussions are just as interesting as some of the pre-study banter. In our church, with the guys, there are some close-knit relationships. But, as for me, it is probably only on weekends where those relationships strongly gel. That is the peril of being a middle-aged single in a predominately family church.

Carol, I am sorry I am only getting back to you after so many weeks. Indeed, I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment. I had not planned on refreshing this blog today. But, I got reading Rick Mercer's blog about the election and it got me thinking to give Just A Prairie Boy a kick in the pants. So I have added content, and will soon add pictures too. Thank you for stopping by, and come again.