Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just a Prairie Boy: Initation

I once knew a kid who unlike others never missed jumping into a puddle with both feet.
Now the idea is that you want to get the other guy wet. So with more art than science you use your one best foot to come down hard in the pool and splash him good. You just know what his mother is gonna do to him when he gets home with muddy spray all up one side of his school pants.

But not this kid. He was legendary for jumping in and soaking himself, to everyone else's delight. Well, there is an analogy here. For tonight I am jumping into my own puddle -- my blog. Never did anything like this before. Wonder how wet it can get?

To reference Michael Feldman at Dowbrigade News , what makes a blog unique, even revolutionary, is that
"the suspense that a good writer can generate in traditional literature is by its nature ultimately ersatz, for while the reader may be in the dark, the ending is preordained, and the writer knows all the time what is going to happen next. This is not true in a blog."

You reader, can see where I started, and you don't know where I am going. Well, neither do I. Like the city feller asked of the farmer, "Am I going in the right way?" To which the farmer replied, " Depends on which direction your headin'."

Just a Praire Boy is my journal; my opportunity to write from a perspective I am comfortable with, non-fiction, and in a vein as I state in my descriptor: "Out here in the wide setting of the Canadian Prairies with the wind, meadowlarks and Northern Lights, the perspective of the world in like no other. Echoes of W.O. Mitchell; Christian faith; nostalgia; politcs (the second provincial sport of Saskatchewan); current affairs, these and more are what you will read on Just a Prairie Boy. Callin' all stubblejumpers, lighten your jag here."



Red Handed Jill said...

looks like a good start so far!

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