Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Last night I went down to the local indoor pool to take part in an aquacize class. I did so because of the body weight that supposedly I left in Mexico, it seems to have taken a bus back and found me here in Calgary. I had participated in some classes long ago, so I anticipated how it might go along. However, it was different. The instructor was in the water along with the rest of the class and we are out in the middle of the pool. During the other time we situated in the shallow end while the nstructor was on the deck.

It going great, swimmingly you might say, until the instructor asked us to start jumping up and down in the water. As I was trying to go for some height I could feel the water tugging at my swimming trunks. Any more exertion, I thought, and they might come off. Well, I don't have that great of a butt to be flashing to a pool of women anyhow (or presently). So I cooled down my efforts. Needless to say I think I am in need of finding some better attire. Nothing happened ( are you disappointed??).

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