Friday, February 03, 2006

(Re-)Start Me

I took to starting this blog a year ago. For whatever reason: lack of interest or too many other outside interests I failed to keep it going. So, this is where I re-start me up:
If you start me up
If you start me up I'll never stop
I've been running hot.

- "Start Me Up" by The Rolling Stones

Running hot, I did a lot in 2005. The highlight was to travel to Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico, as a part of a missionary team to deliver free healthcare service to the rural poor. I took some photos. As soon as I get flckr restored to my machine and figure out how to get them on here I'll show you.

The trip was back in July. Two weeks of heat and humidity like I have never experienced. I lost nearly twenty pounds -- well, maybe fifteen. While that is important, what struck me was how beautiful the land and the people were; how at peace I felt from being removed from the noisy distractions, the in-your-face advertisements (esp. the sexually subliminal) that bombard us in this part of North America. I was also quite aware of how lucky I am to be born in Canada. As my sister has a fondness to say, "You and I won the lottery when we were born." There doesn't seem to be much of a saftey net in Mexico. You either work or you starve. The housing standards to which I was a witness are like nothing I have have ever seen. Yes, we have poor. Yes, we have homeless. I have yet ever to see in Canada a home made of whatever floatsam is at hand that housed a family on a mountainside. Or maybe I haven't been looking?

I went with an excitement and a eagerness that maybe I would learn of a calling to minister or become a pastor. Yet, when I got down there, and I went with a group of thirty Calgarians of various ages and backgrounds, I had no desire to do either. When I came back I enroled in a course in my church that would explore calling and its place in individuals with a stong sense of God-filled spirit. I felt nothing. However, I was sure of one thing I had a passion for taking photographs. There, yes there, could that be my calling?

I have been a hobby photography for twenty-five years. I have principally owned a Nikon EM since that time. I have periodically been drawn to look at taking pictures seriously; something more than just snap & shoot. I believe that God has given me a talent that can be summed up using the words of the minimalist filmaker, C. Bresson, "Make visible, what without deed, might perhaps never have been seen." God's creation has so much to reveal. In today's world where everybody and their ferret are taking digital photos, a lot of it can just be more information overload. I know that sounds arrogant, and please accept my apologies. But, I am drawn to view the honeysuckle like the way Georgia O'Keefe painted flowers; I am drawn to see a person not from from twenty feet back, but with all the pains and laugh lines revealed. I want to show you an urbanworld in a shadow or a light like you have never seen because you were too busy talking on your cellphone. I hope that I can. I hope that the images I will post will remarkably change your day.

Well, that is a lot of words for a rebirth. I will continue I promise with more reflections on 2005.

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