Monday, March 13, 2006

Estevan Miner's Strike: Did The Horsemen Club Innocents?

Did you watch Prairie Giant on CBC last night? Tommy Douglas stands huge in the Canadian historical landscape. Prairie Giant documents through a fictional story his life and impact on the social and political life of this nation.

I was surprised in the depiction of the Estevan Miner's Strike of 1931 to see what appeared to be Mounties on foot and on horse attacking miners. It blew the bubble on my idealized view of the Horsemen. At first I thought perhaps at some point in Saskatchewan history a provincial police force had been in place, and it was them that was being included in this teleplay. Sadly, it was not. A search of the Internet brought up this fact from the University of Saskatchewan Library online archives, Toil and Trouble an account of the industrial unrest in the Estevan-Bienfait coalfields. And there is more. A history of the strike is provided at here.

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