Monday, March 06, 2006

Stage Manager

I have an hour before I go into work. I am tired. At my church I volunteer as an audio tech. Recently I had an opportunity to participate in a audio production workshop at Centre Street Church also in Calgary.
If you are unfamiliar with this latter church it is one of the biggest
evangelicals in the city. They recently did a fundraiser on Friday night
that featured the likes of Paul Brandt, George Canyon, Toby McCoy and
Aaron Lines. After the workshop I made it known that I would like to
volunteer there to gain more knowledge through experience. I received an
invitation last week and showed up on Saturday. We laid down some mike
cord and did this and that. Then I was thrust in the role of the stage
manager during the evening service: cueing people to go on stage,
handling remote mikes, and bringing the podium up onto the stage at the
right moment. It went alright. Before you know it seven hours was gone.
It was fun and quite a learning experience. I must have been on
adrenaline for a bit of the time. I woke up yesterday very tired and my
muscles ached. But, I had to do it again only at my church and on a much
smaller scale. I survived. I will do it again.

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