Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I have just returned from a Mother's Day dinner at a friend's home. It was a good time, except for the swearing, and that's a whole other story.

I grew up largely not knowing my parents. I lost my mother and a sister when I was about two years old. My dad died when I was twelve. It was my step-grandmother who raised me from age nine until adulthood. In the years since I have seen the pictures of my mother holding me. But any memory that I ever may have of her is long gone.

The relationship I had with my grandmother was not a touchy-feely kind of relationship. There were no hugs. So while what I feel for my grandmother now is love, there has been little motherly love coming my way in a very long time.

Which leads to my friend, Leona. Here is the exception. Since coming to know Leona, who is now in her eighties, I have become her "adopted" son. Sonship is special, not to be taken for granted. A mother will have unconditional love for you, whereas you father may have expectations. A mother's hope for you is never ending, even when you have done wrong, while a society may very well write you off and throw away the key. Leona has done much to welcome me into her family, and made sure that there is a gift waiting for me under the tree at Christmas. I cannot tell you how much that means to me. Why Leona even bought me my first Bible that I still have.

So today I was with her family again. But I couldn't help to think of what it would have been like to have spent time with my own mother on Mother's Day. Well I don't know if that will ever happen in the spirit in heaven. Some Christians believe that we will recognize family in our heavenly home. If. If I could talk with her; smell her -- they say mothers recognize the smell of their babies years after they are born. Does it work the other way around too? Of course, if she was alive, that would have changed a lot about my life. Would I even be here in Calgary had that occurred?

As for the swearing -- you know some people adopt a way of speaking that makes them ignorant to the sensitivities of others. Sometimes when you are the sole person in the room who doesn't talk that way it can be a bit intimidating to speak up to that sensitivity. Leona picked me to be her son, I just didn't get the right to pick my brothers and sisters.


Ann Markle said...

Hi Darryl,
I do check your blog every now and again. Glad to see you back at it.
Ann Markle, Red Deer

Just a Prairie Boy said...

Thanks, Ann. It means a lot that you took the time to comment.
I hope all is well with you.