Monday, May 14, 2007

I Gotta Bro

I gotta a bro, and we're tight. He lives a long way from me, back in Saskatoon, but we're in touch quite regularly. It might not be that a whole lot of words are exchanged. Indeed, lately its been a lot of Youtube links for bands like Queen and Aerosmith. That's cool. I don't alway have time to watch all the vids he throws my way, but I am grateful he sends them anyway. At least he is thinking about me. Besides we're guys. According to the latest gender literature that I have read the difference between the speaking behaviour of guys and dolls is that guys don't need to be face to face to communicate. A grunt will do. (smile)

Gabba has done a lot for me. He was the first kid I sat behind when I came to King George School in 1969. How many of you can say you have a bud who has stuck by you for that long? He stood up for me right then and there. Some kid made an uncouth remark about me. Gabba didn't debate whether he liked me or not. Heck, I probably didn't even say anything but hi to him, and he accepted me and took up my defense. He didn't ask me for anything after that either. And there probably have been many times that he did the same thing over without telling me through grade school, and through high school.

We stood up for each other at our respective weddings, both in the same year. Mine's over now, his...

In the vein of that Ray Charles song, I Gotta a Woman -- I gotta friend and he's good to me.


Ann Markle said...

Hey Darryl,
Just wondering who Gabba is?

Just a Prairie Boy said...

Hey Ann, that's Blair.

Ann said...

I thought it might be but wasn't sure. Thanks for letting me know.