Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Went on a Hike

On Saturday May 19 I joined a group from the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre for a hike in Kananaskis Country west of Eden Valley I.R. This was a paid hike, which not something I have done before. But, I can say the experience was worth it. I wanted to get access to an area i had never been (check); I wanted to meet new people (check); I wanted to determine if I was up to hiking at the advertised level -- moderate -- (check). I met all of those objectives and had a really fun time. We saw a lot of Prairie Crocus (my chiropractor jokingly said today that they were "mountain crocuses." Funny. On trail we also saw deer, elk and maybe some black bear scat. On the latter we weren't certain because it was kind of elongated and full of berries. Do wolves eat berries, we asked. I did take a picture, but my better judgment prevents me from posting it.

The views were tremendous. Here is a photo taken by Mai B.
She was also gracious to take a picture of me. I got caught with with my eyes closed. This is not the way you should hike in the foothills of Alberta. Here are some other shots I took before my camera crapped out.

I have excluded the name of the hike because it is largely unknown but to a few. Frankly, i would like to see it kept that way.

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