Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday, September 24

Today started well. The radio went off when it should, and so did the alarm. But my feet did not hit the floor for another half hour. Quite normal actually. I had stayed up to watch the first episode of the Ken Burn's film, "the War" on PBS. This is turning into a revealing testimony of the men and women affected by this conflict. There is mention being given to some facts so far uncovered in many other historical films about WWII. Military history is a fascination for me. I cannot explain really why. Except I was certainly a product of my time. Growing up in the Cold War era one could not reckon life without knowing that the basis of that era was hinged on the era before, namely 1939-45.

I took time to do my devotional today at breakfast. I try to start my day off here. I find that I am centred when I have spent time in God's Word. In the past I have read from one of the text's that William Barclay commentated on. A few years ago a friend gave me Utmost for His Highest. On the latter i have never gone from cover to cover. Sometimes I will have missed a day or maybe two. Hence, I know some of the devotional better than others. Still it is mostly fresh to me as I go through it. Today's lesson, combined with Sunday's message at church, is "what small sin and or baggage am I not attending to that God wants my attention?"

This afternoon I spent time over at the Harry hays Bldg. It is where my team will end up in several months. Today, however, I was over there for a competency information session. The agency I work for has adopted a competency-based hiring system. To advance into positions you want you need to prove you have a competency, rather a behaviour or technical skill, that they deem is important to the job. Sounds easy enough. Its not. The applicant has to demonstrate through the ability to tell a story about some event on how they felt, thought did, or said that achieved some result. I don't know about you, but when I work much of it is fluid. I don't stop to analyze what I did or why I did it. That is one of the keys to passing this type of testing. IMHO, its horse-pucky. And somebody out there who is good at telling a tale is the one who will advance. I am good communicator. I just don't feel i have a chance at succeeding in this system. For that reason I am feeling a bit down about it.

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