Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The sound of Bach in the morning

Do you remember that scene from Apocalypse Now where Robert Duvall’s character, Lt. Colonel bill Kilgore is on the beach, and having called in an airstrike says to his troops,


“You smell that, you smell that, I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”


I remind you of that setting as a prelude to the following in more pacific tones:


“You hear that, you hear that, I love the sound of Bach in the morning.”


A friend of mine gave me a CD last week as a way to warm up to this Advent season. One composition that is contained on this recording is “Jesu, Jesu” by J.S. Bach. How sweetly the strings and organ combine to lift my spirit up in the morning. It is a tune that I have been humming for several days now. It is often interrupted by the interfering world, with its discordant cacophony and ugliness -- like napalm in the treeline. But I can and do return to seek refuge. On those airs, though not necessary, are my prayers for peace in the name of our Saviour.


I hope your Advent season is beginning as good as mine.