Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Yesterday morning I went to church. According to someone who took count we had 176 people in attendance.That has to be a record for Covenant. Coinciding with it being Easter we had a newborn baptism. So there is probably a strong connection there with the attendance record.

The emphasis of the sermon was that Christ's sacrifice was not just a project (put that in contrast to what Prof. Brown wrote in her homily). Rather that it was consistent with the whole story of the Bible. The Gospel of John reads that Jesus was present in the Beginning. From Creation forward the themes of obedience and sacrifice are consistent. Abraham, Issac, Noah, were obedient to God often when it was disadvantageous to do so. Jesus Christ was obedient in that he followed his Father's prompting knowing of the suffering he would endure. Yet, the cost was worth it given the salvation that would be gifted back to mankind.

The message also tied into the baptism too. Water is a prominent prop in the biblical story, it is often portrayed as chaos which one comes through, the message showed relevantly how we can come through baptism as cleansed, obedient and sacrificial people.

Fellowship and lunch with my pastor and his family followed. We had a great conversation assessing the service and the many ongoings of the world. I had to scoot for home very soon afterwards.

Later in the afternoon I drove out to Strathmore to pick up my elderly friend, Leona. I have been coming to her family's events for nearly twenty years, so that we are almost like family now. Easter dinner was being held out in Nightingale (north of Strathmore). After picking up some ice we headed there. Dinner was good, prepared by Leona's grand-daughter and her fiance. All the usual suspects were in attendance. The day ended nicely with dusk settling upon the land as I drove back to Calgary. I was tired by the time I got back home. I immediately went to bed.

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