Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am Thankful for My Parachute

Last summer two friends, Malcolm and Ginny, and I hiked Mt. Yamnuska out near Canmore. As experiences go it was one of the best in my time as a hiker. As you approach The Yam from the highway its sheer southern face greets you. It reaches for the sky to a height of some five hundred feet. The secret to its ascent is to go up the back of the mountain, and it really quite fun to do. Eventually after two and half hours you reach the eastern outlier where you can sit , eat your lunch and admire the view. If you wish, and many do, you can go higher. You can see from the picture on right the magnitude of the perch I am on. Notice the smile on my face.

Now fast-forward to the present. The last time I posted here I was quite exuberant over a development in my personal life. Although I didn't say so at the time I had found love. Figuratively, I was on the peak of a mountain again. The view was incredible. I had no plans of going back down to get back in the car.

However, that was not to be. Two weeks ago the fairy tale came to a crashing halt. Its more akin to jumping off that cliff to be the first back at the car, and having the hard landing to boot. This journal is not the place for which I want go to into the details.. It is not necessary. Because that story has been told and re-told to those who need to know. Albeit, there was an emotional crash for which I am grateful to my friends for providing me a parachute: their time, their ears and most of all their compassion. It has proven to be quite the experience. Its not over. There still is some climbing to do. This time by myself. Yet, I have been shown the way by friends and by my Lord. Good role models each and every one. Again, I just want to say thanks.

I'll see you at the top.


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Anonymous said...

And a wonderful grand experience that hike was!! Might have to do it again.

May the Shepherd's staff be there for you to lean on as you climb back up.