Friday, March 28, 2008

I Had the Day Off

Today, being Friday, I had the day off. Set apart of the usual mundane stuff one does in the morning of a day off I had a massage at my chiro office. Greg, the masseuse, was very good in working a lot of the tension from my joints and muscles. I have a bad back -- some damaged discs from a couple of decades of abuse. Not to mention there has been some tension building up in my shoulders. So the whole idea is get these areas worked out. This session lasted a whole hour, and I am scheduled for another in a weeks time. Afterwards I came home and relaxed for the rest of the day with a warm bath and a nap.

Yesterday during lunch I went to the library downtown to return some CDs. I never leave empty-handed. So today i am listening to Shari Ulrich, the Temptations, Martin Simpson (oh this guy is so good), Tim Hus, Willie Nelson, and U2. I support the Calgary Library through my my fines. O h heck, being a trained library tech doesn't omit me from being late with materials. I am human. I was told yesterday that our fines don't go into general revenue of the library, but is directed to new materials. I could never afford the diversity and many, many CDs that I enjoy through the library. What I pay (I could tell you because I track these things) is small in comparison to what I enjoy.

Thoughts of the week: 1) I could have attended Robert Laboucaines aboriginal awareness workshop at his invitation, but didn't for loyalty to my work and it being end-of-year. Yet quite a few admin. asst. took the week off. Hmm. 2) There is a United Church of Canada minister in Toronto (Ms. Rev. Vosper) who is advocating that church/denomination drop Jesus Christ from their worship and theology. I used to be a member of that church long ago until it got hijacked in the late 80's. This news caused two reactions: it doesn't surprise me for the United Church of Canada whose liberal leanings make a mockery of what that church used to be, and yet it is outrageous too. Mankind has always found ground to believe that God was secondary to invention. Just look at what the minor prophets warned Israel about in the Old Testament. So this is just a throwback to another time (lest we not forget either the Pharisees). But what is hurtful is that if there is any Old Guard left to defend the faith of this denomination that there are too few to be a bulwark against this sad turn on the road of good intentions.

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