Monday, March 24, 2008

Postscript: Saturday

Just a recap on Saturday: Lunch didn't go as planned. The Chinese restaurant I had picked out for my cousins to join Linda and I was closed upon our arrival. Lloyd, Paula and I agreed on Earl's just up the street. The food was good (I had roasted chicken quesadilla with greens). However, the noise of the crowd that comes with Earl's has me thinking not to return. Perhaps I am just getting too old for that scene, and just enjoy a good conversation where I can hear what's being said. Of the foursome we were I was the youngest. We talked about grandkids (theirs -- with a recent addition just last week), travel, etc. My thanks to Lloyd and Paula for buying us lunch.

After lunch I took my sister to Zellars and then home. After I got back to my place I walked up to Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). Having bought a new bike recently there were some accessories I needed to buy: lights, a lock and fenders. MEC is a reasonable place to get stuff like this as other bike shops in the vicinity are very expensive. MEC also stocks merchandise for hiking, canoeing and almost anything else connected to enjoying the outdoors. Most goods are often quite more durable than found at other stores. So I got those things and returned home. By which time the afternoon was pretty much shot, and I didn't get my bike ride in. So I installed the accessories I bought, read my Globe & Mail newspaper (I look forward to the Saturday edition), and did laundry.

I also watched True Grit. I have it on DVD. Its a fave. Probably the best John Wayne movie ever made. Wayne's portrayal of Deputy Marshall Reuben "Rooster" Cogburn is so authentic. Each time I watch it I seem to catch a nuance of the way he moves or says a line that I never noticed or appreciated before. He won an Oscar for this role.Kim Darby who played the girl, Mattie Ross, seeking justice for her father's killer really did a bang-up job too. She had to due to who her co-star was. She doesn't look like it, but according to her IMDB profile she was twenty-one at the time. Hereto, I grow more appreciably for her acting skill every time I watch True Grit again. I cannot be too generous with Glen Campbell. The director's choice was ill-advised. It appeared that he never acted before (although I guess he had). His hairstyle was totally out of period. Perhaps he was there as foil for the other two professionals. I don't know. Note: As I was writing this paragraph I came across a Wikipedia entry for True Grit that gives more detail to where the story comes from. It's worth a read.

It was past 1 A.M. when I went to bed.

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