Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Asssessment for Dizziness

This morning I had a physiotherapy appointment to assess the extent of dizziness episodes I have had over the last two years. This is the latest tactic my doctor is employing since I went to him about last July. I have already had blood test, EKG and MRIs. We have ruled out possible parasitic causes that may be attributed to when I went to Mexico on mission in 2005.


My therapist put me through a battery of motion tests that would have caused my middle ear/balance system to produce dizziness. Nothing that Shelia put me through could bring about any of the symptoms, which in the past had included a lack of balance while walking or the room to go spinning while I was seated. I remarked that I just asked the best plumber in town to come and look at my faulty toilet, and when he arrived it was working quite fine. Indeed, lately I have been feeling well with regard to this condition. I have had moments of stress in January and February where there has been mild onset.


I learned that not having enough water through out the day could lead to dizziness. Therefore, because I like coffee, and have about 32-40 ozs. per day, I need to keep myself hydrated with equal or more amounts of water on a daily basis. I also learned that blood-oxygen chemistry could contribute to this condition. So the next step in this investigation is to test the levels of CO2 found in my blood using a capnotrainer. If I am not getting enough oxygen I will have to learn how to breathe properly to ensure I am.



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