Sunday, April 13, 2008

At Your Own Peril

I was bike riding on Saturday along the river path in Calgary. I came to a junction that had a sign. It read "At Your Own Peril" or something like that. Then they apologized for it. How nice of them.

But the thing was there was a short rise before you got to the snow. And the question was, "do you want to proceed?" Oh, what the hey. I was having fun up to that point.

Well, I went the distance -- that which you see above, but now looking back. I've never ridden on snow before. Its a lot harder than it looks. I stayed upright. When I got to where I took this image, and I looked ahead to what appeared more of the same to Banff (:-), I turned around.

As I began my journey back to safety I noticed a young couple coming my way. Its difficult to distinguish here, but the guy is leading. His gal is following on foot.

When they reached me I told them it was all like this the rest of the way. Where they wanted to be was across the river. Its do-able in the summer. I facetiously suggested hoisting the bikes over the fence and crossing the railroad tracks and the river the old fashioned way.

I think the guy was interested in turning around. But there was estrogen all over this situation. The woman didn't want to walk her bike, she wanted to ride. so they went farther. I went back.

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