Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snowy Day in the Spring

I have the luxury of a stereo system that also operates as a clock radio. I seem to start my working days better when they begin with music (see entry Bach in the Morning – Dec. 2007). So I program when the stereo should turn on in the living room, load it up with CD’s (or sometimes select the radio function) and go to bed. Such was the case last night; this morning I awoke to the lovely sounds of Cuban guitar and chorus. I lay there for a while allowing my brain to sweep away the cobwebs of sleep. Finally I went to the kitchen for my obligatory several glasses of water. To my horror, when I looked out the window, I saw a world of white. It was snowing! Huge, water-laden, flakes were falling everywhere, completely obscuring the downtown core. Okay, April snowstorms are not that uncommon. However, they are usually quite short in duration. It is near 11:30 in the morning as I write this entry; the snow is ankle deep (2-3 inches) and it continues to fall. Someone said that its supposed to keep snowing into the afternoon too.

What it is doing to the cityscape is quite spectacular. Pretty is a word that comes to mind. Trees are covered, weighted down by the mass of snow. Places that have gone undisturbed since the snowfall began are taking on an appearance of innocence. Their outlines and underlying textures now bear an impressionistic countenance.

It was interesting walking to work this morning. Some people were not prepared for the experience; optioning to not wear hats or toques the top of their heads becoming snow piles from the massive accumulation. I had to shake the snow off of my clothing many times, and I was surprised how quickly it would build up after each shaking. The temperature was actually warm. It was just when you came to an exposed corner that you had to turn away from the wind to avoid snow falling into your face. Apart from that the trip in was pleasant.


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