Friday, April 18, 2008

So I am Thinking...Portland

A couple of years ago I began researching a vacation to Oregon going through British Columbia and Washington. I wanted to see as much of this coastal area as possible. I would do some camping, museum-hopping, and hopefully get some whale-watching in too.

The trip never happened largely due to money. If I recall correctly in 2006 it would have cost me roughly 1200-1330 dollars. I wasn't flush with cash, but approached my banker with whom I was developing a working relationship to see what I could borrow. She nixed it for me. While I was disappointed it was probably the right thing to do at the time.

Things have become better for me. In the weeks ahead I should be clearing my Canada Student Loan (CSL) debt from the ledger. While I took my first CSL in 1980, I never used much of it and paid it off in quick-time. The one I about to eliminate I have been carrying that yoke since 1985 when I went to the University of Saskatchewan. In some form I have probably paid the original amount off. However, I went back to school in 1990 and incurred more CSL debt (~12K). I had some of it forgiven, but largely have been dealing with about ten thousand since 1994. So it is a considerable relief that this burden will soon be lifted . It opens ways to take care of other debt that I have and start looking at building wealth.

Perhaps it even allows for a vacation to be taken. I don't think I would want to do the same trip that I had planned out before. A smaller one will do just as fine. Oregon still seems a place I to explore. I have heard much good about Portland. Its renown for its art venues and other cultural institutions. It is also a portal to doing some trekking and eco-tours in the coastal areas and to Mt. St. Helens.

It's still not cheap to travel there. I checked today with Air Canada today, and a round-trip would cost over 670 dollars. On top of that lodging and events would still take you up to the range I was looking at two years ago. But since we are looking at 1.80 oil these days the estimated cost is not bad. So, I am thinking Portland in September. It seems right especially on a day like today where its snowing the dickens out of Southern Alberta, and will be for the next five days or so.

I'll see.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah Oregon! I hope it works out for you to go. I spent 3 high school years in Oregon and have many fond memories. Beautiful state and coastline.