Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Guess While I Am Here

I came by to add some videos to the Brain Candy element. How do you like it?

I haven't been blogging lately. You know I had a daily reminder on my pda for an entry every couple of days. It ran out, so did I. I have been conflicted. but enough of me, how about you? Ah, excuse my humour it has been warped by watching the DVD release of the third season of the Brit TV series, Cracker. Robbie Coltrane so owned that character as drinking, gambling forensic psychologist. The humour, twisted as it is I am afraid, is infectious.

Some good points of the last few weeks -- spending time with my sister. Sure its driving around a bit for groceries and errands. But, we have had a few dinners too. I love her. Glad to see she is happy now. Last Monday I went biking around the Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary with the Veenstra family. Never thought I could do 20 km on my bike in such a short time. We had a lot of fun. I got some sunburn. well, you got to start the melanoma sometime. I know that's not very funny. Cancer is serious. Nobody wants to get it.

While it rains outside my window as I write, it is Spring. That's always something to cheer about.

And you know folks, that is all I have to say right now.


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