Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going to Synod

Do you remember that famous Goodyear commercial with the bald-headed dude sitting on an airplane thinking he's going to Hawaii. Only he finds out the plane is bound for Winnipeg. He ends up saying that famous line, "Going to Winnipeg."

Well, I am going to Synod.

I was elected a delegate to the Christian Reformed Church Synod in Grand Rapids, MI back in November 2007. Synod is a "special council of church members" that meets annually to discuss issues of concern to the whole body. We have a number of issues we are looking , but I'll spare you the details because I want to keep this posting short.

This is my first, and I am excited to be going. I don't quite know what to expect. I would like to think I am informed as to the Agenda and other documents that have come my way from Calvin College (we quip its the New Jerusalem of North American Reformed). But I won't really know until I show up. I am praying that God makes good use of my ears, more so than my mouth. And when the time comes to speak that its not ditto this and ditto that.

Hopefully, we wrap up our agenda early so we can enjoy some of the sights of Grand Rapids and surrounding area.

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