Monday, July 07, 2008

Baba's Gone

I just making a quick post here. I am heading to Saskatoon today. Last Wednesday my grandmother passed away. She was one week past her ninety-third birthday. Her death was not unexpected. She had been declining for awhile. I had a chance to speak with her the day before her birthday; I sang her "Happy Birthday." She knew who she was talking to, but her voice was weak. A family member later that evening said she didn't expect Baba to stay with us for much longer, maybe a week.

Its okay that Baba gone. That might seem a strange comment. Sure you always want your relatives to be close by. But, I look at it this way. Baba lived through a lot in her years. She was always fiercely independent; love being in her kitchen and garden. During her last two years she had been in an assisted-living facility in Saskatoon where she was dependent on others to get her out of bed and to the dining hall. While she was cared for really well, it is difficult to comprehend that she really enjoyed it. I would talk to her about every two weeks, and the conversations seemed to be getting shorter with every passing month. Now, I hope, her spirit is free of her tent, and is travelling within the graces of God. I don't know if she ever accepted Christ. I am told she may have. I hope she did. Our times are held in the hand of the Lord. May He have seen that his work in her was done and took her away to rest.


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