Monday, July 21, 2008

He Was Dead

Late Saturday afternoon found me returning home on Crowchild Trail (northbound). Just before the 17th Avenue off-ramp and just after the 24th Avenue Bridge traffic began to slow to a crawl.

As I followed the other cars it became apparent there had been an accident – a motorcyclist was lying on the road and his bike was off in the distance on the right-hand curb. There were a number of cars that were stopped and empty of its drivers and passengers. Some were standing along the middle guardrail; others were on their cell phones. As I passed the motorcyclist it appeared he was not moving. On the other hand, no was attending to him, and he did appear to be in the first aid recovery position. With as many people present I didn’t see a place where I could have assisted. I was also aware that my Red Cross First aid ticket expired a few moths ago. Without I cannot legally offer aid without liability (under different circumstances I would still offer aid regardless of whether I was licensed to or not). I drove on.

Still I wondered what had occurred there and then. Yesterday I found out. This young man who was lying on the road was suspected to have been street racing with two other motorcyclists. For some unknown reason he lost control of his bike and hit the concrete meridian. Fire and rescue did eventually show up after I left the scene of the accident. But, according to the TV news he was dead when they arrived. I can state that the emergency workers were only out by 5-8 minutes. So that means I was looking at someone who was dead already on the scene. I have never experienced that before. I have been a witness of a pedestrian-automobile accident. The pedestrian eventually died, but at the time when the ambulance arrived she was comatose. That is not the same as this situation.

And somebody within an hour or two of that accident received a visit that their son or brother is in the morgue.


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