Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Evening with the Jusses

My friends Malcolm and Ginny have been quite busy this summer. In the past we have done a lot of camping and hiking together. But, there schedules have taken them away from Calgary to family events on both coasts. Hence, we haven't seen much of each other.

A couple of weeks ago I read a review of a Pakistani restaurant called The Village in northeast Calgary. The place got high marks from the reviewer. Knowing that Mal likes a little heat with his food I suggested we meet there soon, and we picked tonight to be the one. Ginny came along too.

fish appetizers, butter chicken, nan, nehari and vegetables we had a enjoyable visit catching up on each others lives. The food was good, and I would recommend going back (just watch out for the chairs).

After our courses and paying the bill we retired to Mal and Ginny's home for some ice cream, cookies and juice. We looked over pictures they had taken while out on Vancouver Island, and shared a few more stories. It was a splendid time.

I love my friends, and it was so good to see them again. They will be busy for a little while longer. Hopefully, there will still be time to get in a hike together before the snow flies.

Happy anniversary, guys!



Anonymous said...

and not an ounce of nugacity.

malcolm the nabob

Just a Prairie Boy said...

And nugacity is a pretty big word at six-thirty in the morning, for which I cannot even find a definition without Uncle Oxford.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we enjoyed catching up with you, and hope our schedule settles down to normal???come fall. what's normal for us? i don't know. we'll see. :) GRR

Anonymous said...

by the way, thanks for the anniversary greetings. on our anniversary day i will on a big boat with my mother, and my other half will be renovating. that's what happens after 22 years of marriage. tee hee. grr