Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Made It On Time

Even though it’s close to quitting time here at work I am writing to remark on how punctual I was today.

You will recall I wrote about being tardy just a couple of days ago. Last night I made the point of setting the alarm (er…the stereo-timer) to come on at 5:30 AM or about a half-hour earlier than usual. I had Watermelon Slims disc cued to play. And it worked. My goal was to leave home by 7:15 (left at 7:20); and even with waiting on the train for a red light, I was able to walk into work at 7:59. YES!

I know this isn’t a very big issue to most. Many of my friends are already at work at 6:30 AM (I tip my hat to you). But it’s a win to me as I get ready to end this work week. Tomorrow I am away from the job on an earned-day-off (EDO).

Ciao for now.



Anonymous said...

I rather do have a difficult time with puctuality. you know i am supposed to start at 8.00 am and really i never seem to get there later than 6.15 am lately.

what's my problem.


malcolm the nabob

Anonymous said...

what a keener.