Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Murder in Beltline

This past Monday there was a shooting in my neighbourhood. Literally, it occurred on my back doorstep.

Around 11:30 AM a man, a known criminal in the drug trade, was fatally shot while he was in his car in the back alley behind my building. Somehow before dying he managed to hit the accelerator and drive one block, exit the alleyway, cut across a busy street and smashing into a schoolyard chain-link fence before bringing the car to rest.

All this happened long before I came home from work. For some making that journey also it was a great inconvenience to have to detour around the crime scene. For me, not so much; it provided some new entertainment to watch from my balcony. Don’t get me wrong. I would have rather wished this event had not occurred at all. It highlights that there is crime in my neighbourhood – that’s not news – and it is escalating in its seriousness. As Calgary is growing it is attracting a different criminal element. One that is unsympathetic to the plight of others and possessing a willingness to harm in whatever fashion is most convenient. There have been shootings n Calgary, but most have not been in my neighbourhood. That’s always been someone else’s problem. While it’s disturbing, and has triggered a considerable hue and cry from Calgary citizens, it does not cause me to fear and hide.

There is little doubt in my mind that this is the work of The Enemy. Where there is joy he seeds discouragement. Where there is righteousness he breeds contempt and reaps destruction. Who knows where the soul of Efrem Mehari Kuflom, the slain man, lies today. How he got to be in a situation profitable to Satan is unknown. I suspect he wishes not to be where he is today. God is sovereign; he had a plan for Efrem. Had he only acknowledged and listened, his future might have been different.

I know that sounds arrogant and judgmental, considering I never met the individual. However, God created the World and saw that it was Good. He did not seed the destruction of Efrem. Satan did that. Two invitations were sent out. One was returned unopened.

What are your thoughts?


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