Tuesday, August 12, 2008


While on the trail on Saturday my friend Ruby and I were talking about punctuality.

She expressed her dissatisfaction about people who are late for appointments. I admitted to having chronic condition for not being prompt. It is a real concern for me too. Even though I live downtown, and relatively close to work, ever since we relocated to another part of the core I have been coming late. Now my boss isn’t the kind of guy who stands at the door with a watch. He prefers that I treat him and the others I work with as adults, and be respectful of their needs. Secondly, he asks that I do my work and have it done in the eight hours that I am his. This part I do, even if I cannot get my butt over the threshold by eight A.M.

Okay, so with the conversation Ruby and I had fresh in my mind, and knowing I didn’t have to be at work until eight-thirty Monday morning, I managed to arrive at the office by eight-fifteen. Yaay! However, what gains were made today were lost today. I have only myself to blame as I stayed up far to late to get an adequate sleep. My sorry butt crossed the threshold at eight-fifteen. And I am kind of bummed by that fact. Because the solution is obvious: get to bed sooner and leave home sooner too.

I am keen to be respectful to others. If being late is hampering others from being there best at work, then that is not right. So I have some work to do.


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