Monday, September 01, 2008

Labour Day

Hello September.

Spent the first part of the day around the house dong some cleaning and organizing. I started a couple of weeks ago trying to de-clutter my study. Its amazing what you consider valuable a year ago only to find ts not really needed. I also cleaned the kitchen up a bit.

In the afternoon I took some recyclables -- mostly paper and milk containers -- to the depot. That took about a half an hour. I also went to the library. I borrowed another a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child on Thursday. This one was called The Killing Floor. You may recall I wrote about an earlier read called The Hard Way. As much as I agree these are good reads I do have some difficulty with amount of violence that are contained in each book. Child does follow a pattern with his main character. There certainly will be a woman whom Reacher will bed and draw in as an assistant. There will be characters who are evil and who will be killed by him. Reacher will ultimately leave the place and the people to whom the story was central. He moves on to another location and scenario.

It is how easy that Reacher dispatches his victims and how he can justify doing so that is questionable. If he wasn't the hero I would wonder if he wasn't a psychopath. After visiting the library I went for a walk in the nearby neighbourhood.

I spent some time photographing King Edward School, originally built in 1912. It is reminiscent of my old elementary school back home in Saskatoon. I enjoyed the hour to photograph this building because it got me to see something new, and it was sunny and relaxing.


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