Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Hard to believe how early 5:30 came this morning. The real shocker was waking up to darkness. Gone are the summer days when the sun is up before you are. It was also a bit chilly during my walk to the train this morning.

Getting off the LRT at the Centre Street station I overheard something that was just rude. Its true people tend to crowd around the train doors on the platform. It does make exiting a bit of a challenge. But, there is no situation insurmountable that politeness cannot smooth out. However, as I was making my way onto the platform I overheard a female voice say “Get out of the way!” Then a woman younger and taller passed me on my right. The statement was intended for me; this I was clear in understanding. However, the shock of her rudeness caused me to comment, and I said, “That was rude.” It didn’t even register with her. I was ignored. I have to say I was surprised. I was ready for feedback. I moved onto her right and about ten feet away. She just kept walking. She was wearing blue flip-flops. As I observed her from the other side of the street (we were heading in the same direction) it became apparent she was plugged in to her iPod and tuned out to the world. How sad.



Anonymous said...

so a double rudeness. barging though and then ignoreing the world.

Just a Prairie Boy said...

Ya, iPod-itis is a prolific disease these days. "Let's heighten the individual experience" the marketers say unto themselves without regard to the fact we are not islands.