Friday, September 05, 2008

This Weekend

The sun is just rising as I write, and it looks like it going to be a fine day. However, the folks over at the weather department say its going to be a day marked with rain. Well, I am not sticking around to find out. I am hitting the Trans-Canada in a couple of hours to head down to Regina.

For there's a wedding to attend. My cousin Darlene's youngest daughter is getting married. I feel it's a privilege to attend as I don't know Shantelle all that well. A couple of Christmases ago I travelled to Smiley, Sask. where Darlene and husband, Rodney, live. They're home is just down the road from where Darlene's parents had farmed, and from where I spent nearly a year or more growing up alongside her when I was six years old. Darlene always felt like an older sister to me. So coming back to spend Christmas with her family several years ago was really special to me. It is where I got to meet the grown-up Shantelle for the first time. As I reflect upon it, there was probably a little more drinking on my part that went on than what i would consider normal. However, I remember the time with some fondness.

This trip is a bit of a first. I have been to Regina many times in the past (was there just in January). Yet, I have never driven the Trans-Canada from Calgary to there before. Have never been through Swift Current or Moose Jaw either. I figure the time on the road should be six to seven hours.

While it's a delight to be going to Regina for this wedding, I sure wish I was going there for a football game (i.e., Saskatchewan Roughriders). But, from what I have heard, because they lead the CFL in wins, you cannot even buy a ticket to a home game at Taylor Field (they remaned it MOSAIC Field for a Credit Union, but it will always be Taylor Field to me and the legion of older die-hard Rider fans). Hopefully, I will ahve time to slip by the hallowed grounds and maybe pick up a new t-shirt or some memorbilia to bring home.

Y'all take care. Back on Monday.



Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage! Have a marvy time at the wedding and seeing the sights along the Trans Canada. :)


Just a Prairie Boy said...

I think "marvy time" just became my expression of the weekend. Thanks. Same to you, GRR.