Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Recap - Sept. 25-26

Here is a recap of this past weekend’s events starting with Thursday evening.

I started a fitness class called Adventure Bootcamp that is offered through Calgary Recreation. I had taken this class a couple of years ago and found it to deliver results. It was a vigorous event on Thursday evening led by the same instructor as before. I tried my best. My coordination was off from hers many times. But, in the end I felt that I had worked my whole body. I went home had a soak before retiring for bed

I had Friday off from work. So in the morning I got up later, watched the TV while having breakfast. Boy was I tired from the day before. The workout on Thursday evening left me feeling quite sore in many places. Here I made the mistake of resting. I should have gone for a walk. Later, as my muscles tightened and became increasingly sore I regretted this error.

Friday afternoon found me driving my sister, Linda on a number of errands. She first had an appointment at a Community Health Clinic. It should have been an in-and-out event, but the nurse who regularly attends to my sister had an unusual case ahead of her, which caused her to be delayed. This did set us back. We followed this appointment by having to return to Linda’s home because she had forgotten her wallet. After retrieving it we headed to the northeast Superstore for groceries. Linda and I have taken to splitting her shopping list in two: one for me to get due to being more able (I combine this list with my own), and the other for Sister. I usually take the far side of the store, and we somehow meet in the middle. Shopping at the Canadian Superstore on a Friday afternoon is far easier than on a Saturday at any time. We were able to get home and unload the groceries by four o’clock.

I attended a lecture given by Dr. Stephen Lewis on Friday evening. It was a good talk, and even somewhat entertaining; I am still processing what I learned in combination with reading his book Race Against Time. Hopefully, I will have more to write about later.


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