Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Recap: Sept. 27-28

Saturday morning found me scurrying about getting equipment and food ready for a hike with God’s Green Earth Hikers. Our destination was Larch Valley-Sentinel Pass west of Lake Louise in the Banff National Park. While the weather was mild in Calgary, and the Banff forecast was broken cloud and mid-teen temperatures, by the time we arrived at the Moraine Lake parking lot, it was a different story. A cold gray sky with traces of snow whipped around by a brisk wind was how we were greeted when we stepped out of the van. Unpleasant as it was we were not deterred. Being that this was the last weekend of September, and probably the best time of the year to see the golden colours of the larches at the higher elevations, we were a few in a throng of many who were there for the same reason. We hit the trail.

I felt good for the first part of the trail. Yet slowly, as the memory of the many switchbacks from our Eiffel Lake hike came back to me, I started to tucker out. I had hoped to stay with the group to go right to the top of Sentinel Pass. The strain of the Thursday evening workout that was still with me, and the disagreeable weather, seemed to work against me, both physically and psychologically. By the time we reached the apex of the Larch Valley I was done. A few others were too. I sort of expected that more might be agreeable to enjoy where we were and turn around. Some of us stayed for pictures and take in the beauty; two of us went back, and the rest continued up the pass. Ruby, Emily and I eventually turned back and went down the mountain. We fully expected that with the others going upward we wouldn’t see them in the parking lot for another hour-and-a-half. We misjudged. They were at the car in forty minutes.

Before leaving the area we detoured to Lake Louise. One of our members had not been there before. We stayed close to the Chalet and posed for a number of pictures. We then travelled down to the Lake Louise village for some coffee and pastries at Laggan’s. After that we headed for home.

Sunday, September 28, was like many other Sundays. Church in the morning: a good worship service followed by the delivery of an excellent sermon by Pastor Curtis Korver. “Delight is taken in many trails of a foolish man, but a straight path is the way of a wise man.” What road are you travelling on? W Immediately after service and fellowship I joined the Veenstras (sans Edith) and the Harkemas for some repose at Starbucks. I went home briefly; picked up some lumber for Linda, and then took n the last hour of Heritage Park with it Train Days concluding that afternoon. Had supper at KFC (there goes the benefit of the workout), and followed that with a prayer service at church.



Anonymous said...

Sad to hear the weather wasn't agreeable like in Calgary, looking forward to seeing some photos.


Anonymous said...

speaking of zombies i am reading World War Z. it is very good.

malcolm the nabob