Friday, October 31, 2008

All Saints Day & Barack Obama

Here it is the morning of the October 31, 2008. Making my way into work today my observations were how the sun was hanging on from getting out of the covers. The scud clouds that were overhead and acting as a backdrop to downtown towers and the light emerging from the dawn made a great image. Some images are to be taken and some are to be gathered in the mind and contemplated. Such it was this morning.


Of course, today is Hallowed Eves Day, which is the eve of All Saints Day. Hallow is an archaic term defined as a saint or holy person; one accorded respect. Hey, so what about All Saint’s Day? I don’t think there will be any news stories about it. I guess being good is not as much fun, huh?


However, I do remember the fun I would have as a kid collecting candy as I went door-to-door on a night like tonight.

We didn’t have much money, so costumes were always homemade. But, I always will remember that it snowed on October 31st. It was cold and it snowed.

I also this morning saw a number of costumed people going to work. The fun stuff I don’t mind, but I have a little problem with those that tweak on death and sorcerers. I suppose it wasn’t such a big deal to me when I didn’t have wisdom. For most people, it is just like that, they don’t know you don’t test with that part of the spiritual world. But, there are those who practice the occult, and today is their day. I saw a Wicca on the news last night, and she couldn’t be happier to see all the little witches and goblins getting dressed up for her day.


Looking ahead, we have the Big Event down below the 49 on Tuesday. I don’t know how you feel about John McCain; I suspect he is a good man, but I think he is hooped and pooped as far as this contest is concerned. He is going to take one for his party, although this will be his last political race. Sarah Palin will probably make a comeback, and with some experience maybe even get some traction for another nomination to the Executive. It just will be awhile.


Do I believe Barack Obama is the right man for this time? Yes. I believe that the footsteps through Selma have led to the moment where he will be made President. I believe George Bush had to precede him to make this happen. The idiocy of the previous administration was necessary to light an interest in democracy again; to help refuel the focus of a nation that has been led astray.


It is possible that the United States is on fumes as a world power. It’s not my prediction. Others like Gwynn Dyer stated so over four years ago. A malaise of complacency and moral decay has come over them (I think we have it in Canada too). There is no pioneering spirit in the Americas these days. We govern ourselves on what the other guy thinks – not all of us – rather than blazing a trail into new territory. Our politicos do much to appease the powerful and pay lip service to the other classes. We revel in our filth and call it culture.


Meanwhile China and India are definitely ascending by population and resources as world powers. They have the drive to succeed. Are they better than us? I am not comfortable to say one way or another to answer that question.


Having heard from a source inside China I would say that tiger is willing sacrifice a lot to get where it wants to be. A new world is being carved out as they catch up in a hurry. They have been so hunkered down under the shackles of Mao that what they are experiencing is like emerging from watery depths to gasp for a huge breathe. Greed and corruption dominate. Human rights and the environment are being thrown away. China has never known democracy. It has always been ruled by emperors of some kind. Presently, the Communist’s have succeeded in becoming the ruling class, and will likely play that role for some time to come. Their device will always be fear.  


India aspires for power because it sees itself as a great nation. It has shed the yoke of colonialism, while still maintaining itself as a stable democratic state. It certainly has the can-do attitude and doesn’t lack resources.


These are the countries that the United States needs to compete with, and they are going to need a person who can grasp that and not engage n war to get results. They are going to need a negotiator. I think its Obama.





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Lorraine said...

WOO HOO for All Saint's Day!! It is MORE that apropos that I was born on THAT day.... don't you think?