Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cellphone use and the driving issue


Read this on the Cbc.ca news blog:


The alarming prevalence of cell phone use EVERYWHERE indicates to me that we've lost our ability to be comfortable with our own thoughts and that we've confused blabbin' with communicating.

Technology vendors haven't had much trouble convincing us that we gotta be yakkiing or txting all the time to prevent those nasty, free-thinking little ideas from coming into our heads. Things like, oh, how much environmental burden these damn little things add to the planet, considering they are designed to be obsolete and disposable within a year or two.. It was very considerate of them to design phones that allow us to take pictures of those things we are too busy yapping on the phone to pause and appreciate in the present. And for those few moments when there might not be someone one the other end, there's always games and ringtones to fiddle with to keep us totally focused on their product. Gotta give cell phone marketing staff their due.

Why does talking on the cell phone become more important that talking with the people we're with? How many times have you see three kids walking thru the mall together all yakkin' on the phone to somebody else?

How did we suddenly come to have so much to say? We weren't all sticking around the house using the land line phone before cellphones. Is all of this conversation meaningful or is it just another vehicle for superficial gossipy drama? If all this talk never took place would anybody's life be irreparably damaged? My guess is NOT. The cell phone has not made the world a better, happier, more peaceful place.

For sure we should not be using cell phones while we drive. We should use them as little a possible. Make the effort to go visit in person, it's really quite nice.
Rant's over, thanks.”


I need to add nothing more.




Anonymous said...

I have never understood why people want to be yakking on the phone all the time. I guess i just have nothing to say. I yak enough on the phone at work as part of my job. that's enough for me. :)


Just a Prairie Boy said...

I have been guilty of yakking and driving. I have made a conscious effort to refrain from doing this anymore.

I would very much like to see Alberta institute the legislation that is now before Committee in the Legislature.