Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This morning I participated in Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Canadian Pacific Railway headquarters in Calgary (Alberta). "In the decades before the Second World War, the Canadian Pacific Railway, with its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, was the largest transportation company in the world. Source: The Role of the CPR Ships in
World War II
. Besides providing human resources to the armed effort of both wars, it also contributed its rolling stock and pioneered trans-Atlantic Bomber Ferry Services. Many of the bigger rail yards were converted to factories making munitions, artillery and tanks.

The service held today was small, but well-attended, and dignified. I waited until the service was over to take some of these images.

After this morning's Remembrance Day service I walked uptown (south) to Union Cemetery. There is a small Cenotaph there with some graves of servicemen. By looking at the dates, it is an assumption on my part to believe most died of wounds received during World War One. although there are a few that pre-date Armistice Day.

As I was approaching these grounds i noticed a young soldier in cammo fatigues come into the site from the other side. He looked for a few minutes for a what seemed to be a particular grave. Having found it he squatted and remained looking at it for while. My curiosity so much wanted to know more, however I did not approach him. Instead I took off my hat, and did my best to walk quietly around his position. Shortly afterwards, he acknowledged me, got into a car and left. I spent some more time in the immediate area taking photographs.


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Lorraine T said...

November 11.... A day to Remember indeed... we owe so much to the veterans of WWI and WWII