Friday, January 02, 2009

A Mission Statement and NOT New Resolutions

I subscribe to a number of blogs that send feeds to my email account. At last count I have 162 unread blogger entries in my index.Initially, these blogs were quite interesting to read. Oh, they probably still are. However, I fail to have enough time or lack the discipline to keep on top of them immediate to their announcement.

Therein, failing to have a discipline over much matters has caused me and continues to plague me in some areas of my life. I don't make New Year's resolutions. What's the point? I never achieve all of them. Banish the list-making, I say. The creators of Betty, a daily comic strip to which I subscribe has been making that exact point. Betty is a housewife. The discussion between Betty and her husband has been on making resolutions, in which his first resolution is not be self-critical. "Of all the resolutions I have made it's been the first one I have ever kept...and the only that has made me happier right away." Funny stuff. Because who has never had a self-doubting or critical thought? Certainly I have. Just knowing I had created some resolutions that, upon reflection, were never kept or completed could throw me into the chasm of doubt and censure.

In substitution I decided to write a mission statement that would help determine the direction of my life. I have no idea if it concurs with what god wants me to do. Yet, I did not write this up hastily (like most do during the last week of the year). Oh no, this statement became a creation of several years of work; testing and correction. I know I cannot get them all right. Yet, I will keep trying. So it is that I share that statement with you now:

  • I wholly and humbly belong to Jesus Christ. As a Christ-follower I am seeking to know and serve God in all ways. I am leading a life centred on the principles of fidelity, friendship and holiness as prescribed in the Bible.
  • I will be open to experience new quality relationships and working on existing ones.
  • I will keep myself healthy by reducing my weight through sensible eating, exercise,and play; I will listen to my health advisors.
  • I will be an informed and caring citizen who is conscientiously making a difference in my community and the world.
  • I experience a communion with God while learning and when expressing my creativity. "The path to building anything good in life is to Source: Dr. Henry Cloud
  • I am doing work that is fitting to my skills and personality. I will not allow myself to grow complacent in my Public Service career - I will seek opportunity to grow my skillset and in my ability to influence and lead. I will seek career assignments.
  • I will experience an increase in annual income through my own enterprise. I am enjoying life. I am prudently managing my finances and household.
I have to admit their definition is fairly broad. But its by the room between each furrow that I am enjoying some success.


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