Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Took a Fall

At lunchtime a group of guys from the office and I were going for some Indian food.

Due to a sidewalk closure on 1st Street SE we cut through the Telus building and exited on 5th Avenue SE.

There is a small plaza area in front of the building with a two-step staircase that goes around the whole thing.

I was leaning in to talk to my colleague Amin when I took a misstep and tumbled to the sidewalk.

Theres no thinking when you do these stunts. Theres no,oh, I remember how to do this from watching some stunt guy on TV. No, you fall. That sidewalk hurt. My round body absorbed the shock and I rolled. I dont recall how many times, but in the end I came back up onto my feet.

Everyone asked me if I was okay. I sustained some scrapes and I will have a terrific bruise on my left leg tomorrow. Luckily, my noggin didnt come in contact with the cement. My wristwatch, a recent birthday gift, was slightly damaged. However, it was my ego that probably took the greatest injury. At least I regained my composure quite quickly, and it was like nothing had happened, thank you very much.

This, kids, is how we roll.


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