Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving, I Do Not Like

Next week our office moves to new quarters within our building. I have had a chance to see our new digs, and they are looking quite alright.

Regardless of the situation, my own or as a group, I do not like to move. From deep within I get a chilly feeling; I procrastinate, and look at those moving crates as if they were the plague. Do you ever feel that way?

I think I can link how I feel to my history that as an orphan who was relocated many times within thefamilies of my relatives I always dreaded where I might end up. Now, some people may look at moving positively as a new opportunity. In my maturity I can see how that can be. Moving can lead to a new job, new set of people to meet and know, and happy times to follow.

As a child I never understood that. It was suddenly being in the house of this aunt and uncle and tomorrow finding myself somewhere else. Then there came the newbrothers and sisters I had to share the house with (cousins, really); a new school; a new way of doing things. This wasnt all bad, oh no. I still count the members of one family as my sisters, and their brother, as my own. Some good memories have travelled with me, like feeding the cows with my Uncle Vern on a real cold winter morning. We made our way down to the creek in the hollow to chop ice so the cattle could drink. I can still hear the crinkle and the shatter of the ice as I stepped on it. Oddly enough I can still feel the coldness on my cheeks even though that was some thirty or more years ago. The there were the trips with my cousins Brent, Scott and Sharla from Angel Drive to the library on 33rd Street North in Saskatoon, passing the old A-frame United Church and crossing the expanse of park near Henry Kelsey School. These were mini-adventures to a kid who was only seven or eight years old.

As an adult I have moved myself many times since. However, it seems the unsettledness that comes with moving at a young age has stuck with me the unknown around the corner. The older I get the more I wish I could abdicate the responsibilities of moving to someone else, take a vacation while it’s getting done. Come this week, that wont happen. I am in the centre of it; the right hand of the boss. I will be the one seeing that all is done, including the pieces someone will not want to do. So I have to resign quickly any foreboding that comes with moving and have the courage to press on. Lord preserve me with all that I have to do.


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