Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Ride a Bike

The past two days have brought some real nice weather. Maybe, now that is past June 21, that summer really is here.

The cold of the past forty-five days deterred me from riding my bike. Today I am going to take it out.

I really need to get my body moving again. I have put on weight since Christmas; almost thirty-five pounds. It concerns me not just for appearance sake, but that our family history includes diabetes and respiratory disease. I also find that my weight compounds a lower back injury I have.

This isnt just about fitness. When I was a kid, and even into my early adult years, I used to ride a bike everywhere. I really enjoyed it. I want to feel that excitement again: the sensation of wind rushing past my face; they rhythmic pumping of the pedals; the whirring sound of the tires on pavement. I used to ride fast. As kids we would have races around the block or who could get to and from the old Idlywyld power plant first. More times than I wish to recall did I wipe-out and bruised my knees. I now attribute some of my arthritis to such folly. So, I am not looking for spills or thrills, although the lure of the racer lies shallow.

I see a number of people commuting on their bikes everyday. Man, they sport expensive bikes and the gear to go with it. I am not going to knockem. Its their gig. But whatever happened to putting that spring clip around your pant leg and hopping on? You know I cant even find a spring clip for sale in any of the bike shops in Calgary. Do you have one? Can I buy it? My bike is not very expensive. I wish I had something better only to be able to add some fenders and bags. I think my bike was built especially for a retailer and those items werent a big consideration. Oh well.

Hey, what am I doing here typing? I gotta ride.


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