Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canadian democracy: carousel with a broken gearbox

So Prime Minister Harper did it. With the GG's help, he shut down Parliament for two months.


Away from Ottawa would you agree those Mandarins who operate in the NCR (National Capital Region) are breathing rarefied air? IMO, inhaling such a gas is warping their brains. They create policies that defy logic and common sense. This seems to fit with our parliamentarians too. They are so wrapped up in their partisanship antics, which is meaningless and has no bearing on the common Canadian, they are failing Canada. Nobody in the NCR wants to accept responsibility and nobody wants to have a serious discussion about the issues that matter. As long as they can roar and be chippy these men and women think they are accomplishing something.

Although I have been Conservative in the past, for the present I am present a neutral view. I am struck that Canada's form of government is a carousel whose broken gearbox can go only forward and reverse at most. Every once in a while the blippin' stick shift flips the other way. Regardless of the party that forms the government of the day we seem to get the same carnival. A lot of hollering, scratching, and dancing around.

I don't know what it is? Was it like this before they brought the TV cameras into the House back in the '70s or '80s? When did the dignity of representing constituents get sent into the dung pile? Granted there are some hard working MPs, they seem to go nameless when they should be lauded. However, the day-to-day antics of the most passionate politicians, including the Prime Minister, is spreading a chill on the electoral population. And they wonder why nobody votes anymore. I don't know if its deliberate or not. I am not one to subscribe to conspiracy theories. However, I am worried for the nation, and for the few generations behind me and what legacy we are leaving them.

This Canadian wants a return to the more sober decorum and deliberation that I was taught is to exist in our democracy. I hope you do too.

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