Monday, January 25, 2010

There's Always Going to be Some Work

Last week I downloaded an app for my cellphone that helps me track my diet. I start out weighing myself in the morning, checking my attitude, and what I had for breakfast, and enter all this data into my phone. The software calculates how many calories I consumed and the nutritional content , blah, blah. I remember telling a colleague about it on Thursday or Friday. I made it sound like it does all the work for me. However, realizing that sounded kind of foolish I added, "but you know I still have to do the heavy lifting (or something like that)." Well, I like the program; it seems to be working as I have lost nearly two pounds in a week. Yet, my remark struck home today with the latest Betty comic strip landing in my mailbox. Here it is.

LOL. No matter what convenience technology provides us there is always going to be some work. Marvin Phillips, motivational speaker, perhaps said it best when he said, “The difference between try and triumph is just a little “umph”.

Have a good day.

You can check out the app I mentioned at


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Michelle said...

I'm jealous of your apps. I'm so coveting your apps. I wish I had a blackberry so I could have apps. :(