Thursday, May 06, 2010

Date Squares

Did I mention I like date squares? I just had one a moment ago with my coffee.
They are one of those dessert items that come with memories of cold wintrer days, and my Grandma has been baking.
I'd come in from whatever I had been doing, and there would be a treat of a fresh date square.

Of course, there is the recollection of my sister bringing date squares to the Christmas table one year. The kitchen was packed with family. When  it came time for dessert, my sisters squares were served up. You know how date squares can be a bit of a mess when you are eating them. My cousin, Ray, bit into his only to have the topping kind of fall apart. To which he he said, "Boy, these sure are crummy." There was an immediate  pause in the ongoing conversations as everyone looked at him in mid-bite, followed by a roar of laughter. We all knew what he meant. It wasn't that Ray didn't like them, he loved them! But, my sister sure looked a bit chagrined for a moment.


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